Science and V&A Museum

July 11, 2017

Yesterday my class and I spent time at the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. To start off my day I accidentally left my Oyster card for the tube at home!! I had to go all the way back and navigate the tube system by myself which honestly made me all the wiser, (please note Kennington and South Kensington are two entirely different places). After entering the Science Museum I was instantly awed by the large and interesting displays. I quickly located my classmates and my group project members briefed me on the topic we were assigned for a class presentation. I wandered around the museum to see all the interesting sculptures and art and some were massive to the point where I couldn’t fit them all in one picture! After breaking for lunch in the museum cafe we went across the street to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Sarah and I walked through amazing marble and stone sculptures before we went on the group guided tour. We saw hundreds of jewels and crowns on our way to the theater, which my mom would have loved since she’s a fan of all things shiny!! Our tour guide was adorable as he showed us the costumes from all different shows in theater. Some classmates and I tried on some of the costumes that were available and took a group picture, which was hilarious, since they were bulky and heavy. Overall, my experience at both museums was great and I will never forget all the things I experienced!


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