Tower of London and Jack the Ripper Tour

This past week my classmates and I went on two of my most anticipated field trips of the whole trip. On Monday we visited the Tower of London, which used to be where the royal families lived. They also beheaded and tortured prisoners at the Tower and it was crazy to visit the same spots all that happened. Our tour guide was impeccable, he had me laughing the whole time with his accent and wit. After the guided tour, my friends and I walked through the various towers of the castle and read information on peasant revolts and the armor worn by kings and princes. The most interesting thing I found was the crowned jewels that are kept in the tower. They were beyond my imagination and the use of jewels was priceless. We weren’t even allowed to take pictures of them. The Tower also has ravens that stay in the yard and there is a legend that if they ever leave the tower that the city of London will collapse.

On Tuesday, my class went on a field trip with most of the program called the Jack the Ripper tour. Again our tour guide was amazing, as he moved us from location to location to explain the mysterious events of the Jack the Ripper murders. We learned about the clues and names of the prostitutes that were murdered and left us with the time-old question of “Who was Jack the Ripper?” We may never know the real answer but stuff like that really interests me because today we have so many methods and technology to solve murder mysteries. All in all, these two field trips did not disappoint!!


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