Tour of Muggles and Dreamgirls

Yesterday my class took a field trip to do a walking tour called the “Tour of Muggles.” For non-Harry Potter fans, a muggle is an average human, with no magical abilities. The tour consisted of us walking around London to see the different filming and inspiration sites for the Harry Potter movie series. We walked by the Leaky Calderon, the Ministry of Magic, and many other sites that inspired J.K. Rowling for the look of the filming locations. Our tour guide was very lovely and excited about Harry Potter which made it very enjoyable for the HP fans in our class. Harry Potter is one of my favorite movie series of all time so this field trip was a dream come true! On the tour I met a woman who encouraged me to read the books as well, which I hope I find time to do in the upcoming fall semester.

Later that night,  we saw Dreamgirls, the musical. It was by far one of my favorite musicals I’ve ever seen. Sadly, Mercedes from Glee was meant to play Effie, but we think an understudy filled in because it didn’t look like her. My friend Sarah and I may have had too much to drink because we ended up getting binoculars and messing around with them during intermission. The costumes, voices, and the whole performance was one I will never forget! I plan on watching the film once I am home in Georgia because I heard that its really good too!


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